Cooperative winery founded in 1929

A family cooperative winery founded in 1929 by Victor Chapuis, its first president, the Mancey winery brings together the winegrowers of 3 villages in Saône-et-Loire, Southern Burgundy: Mancey, Royer and Vers.

Solidarity was created between these winegrowing families who chose to work together in order to pool their human and material resources and to promote their products. The building is being erected in Dulphey, a hamlet in Mancey.

Both partners through the subscribed share capital and co-operators through the contribution of their grapes, the winegrowers participate closely and actively in the life of their winery. They are involved at all levels such as technical, communication and marketing…


1 9 3 0 s : e m e r g e n c e o f t h e c o o p e r a t i v e m o d e l

THE 1960S-70S :

Control of appellations.

The first production of bottles for direct sale appeared, as well as the AOC Mâcon, which helped a lot with marketing. In 1975, the first Representative Rights Capsules appeared, simplifying the administrative procedures for the purchase of alcoholic drinks.

In 1977, Bernard Derain joined the cooperative as a cellarman. He then continued his career as director, investing himself with passion in the development of the winery
In 1979, the terroirs of the Mâconnais region were recognised thanks to the Mâcon appellations followed by the name of the commune, and in particular the Mâcon-Mancey appellation, pushing the Mancey winery to develop its production.

THE 80'S

The Change

In 1981, the Mancey winery joined forces with other Côte-d’Or winegrowers to create a unique commercial structure: Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre, bringing together cooperative wineries and independent winegrowers, a first! This makes it possible to market wines from all over Burgundy to private individuals as well as to professional customers.

In 1984, the winegrowers decided to invest in a new sales outlet: the Cassiot garage, a service station located along the National Road 6 in Tournus. This ideal location allowed the Mancey winery to become better known and to develop the sale of bottles to individuals.

In 1991, the first vineyard cuvées were produced, enhancing the value of the winegrowers through separate vinification. This pioneering approach enabled the company to distinguish itself from neighbouring cooperatives.

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THE 2000'S

A vision for the future

Anxious to further develop the direct sale of its production and with the desire to share its know-how, the winery decided to set up a new reception structure for individuals.

In 2010, the Tournus sales outlet was transformed into a new website dedicated to the discovery of winegrowing Burgundy and the promotion of the wines produced by the Mancey winegrowers. The architecture of this new building, inaugurated in 2011, is based on the themes of Romanesque art with reference to the local heritage, and in particular to the Saint-Philibert Abbey in Tournus.
A nod to the monks of Saint-Philibert who were at the origin of the development of winegrowing in Tournus and in the northern Mâconnais region. More than a simple shop, this place is the starting point of a true initiatory and cultural journey around the vine and the wine.