Quality certifications


From sustainable viticulture to High Environmental Quality

Initiated in 2002, integrated winegrowing allowed us to reinforce the positive aspects of winegrowing practices on the environment and to reduce their impact. Since 2021, we have gone further by qualifying some of our operations with the High Environmental Quality label.

A strict bill of specifications, based on biodiversity, with 5 major axes to be respected:

Plot management based on the functionalities offered by ecosystems (soil fertility, crop protection fauna, cover crops favouring soil life, permanent grasslands).

Reducing pressure on the environment (limiting the use of inputs, preserving water resources).

Moving away from a logic of control agriculture (weed control, pest control, etc.) to a logic of collaboration with fauna, flora and some natural elements (cover crops, “green manures”, agroforestry, bio controls).

The choice of adapted varieties, the control of yields, ensuring day-to-day monitoring of the crops, favouring covered and living soils: to put the crops in a good position, more resistant and requiring fewer phytosanitary treatments.

The implementation of alternative practices to ploughing: for fewer motorised passages and less dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

Organic winegrowing: a voluntary approach

Organic Farming, which appeared in France in 1950, is a production method that aims to meet three major challenges:

optimal environmental practices

respect for biodiversity

conservation of natural resources

It is also a method of production that takes an interest in the nature of the inputs and strictly excludes the use of synthetic products for treatments as well as for fertilisers, favouring the use of renewable natural resources. The first vineyard to be certified at Vignerons de Mancey was DOMAINE FRANCOIS CHAPUIS, which was certified in 2019. Others are following suit…

Observing, reflecting, experimenting, trying and retrying, analysing, re-adapting, modifying, all this takes a lot of time and agility. Thanks to our cooperative, our winegrowers are able to meet those constant challenges.